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Created on 2010-04-01 05:57:53 (#494495), last updated 2010-11-21 (356 weeks ago)

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Name:Fashion Math(s)
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[community profile] fashion_math is a small group discussing how to get the most out of our wardrobes. Membership is not open: this is a semi-private community of [personal profile] wrdnrd's friends and acquaintances.

"Fashion Math"??
Fashion Math is not directly related to either fashion or math. [personal profile] wrdnrd/Chris tends to think of her wardrobe as discrete items of clothing which she can add together and adjust according to her own bizarre calculations to create an array of interesting outfits from relatively few components.

Chris is a little odd. Just smile and nod.

some principles of Fashion Math
  • Instead of buying, wherever possible:
    • Envision a new use for an old item
    • Repair a torn or broken item
    • Alter an existing item
  • Instead of buying new, by used whenever possible.
  • Start with a broad foundation of sensible basics that can go with anything.

general discussion topics of [community profile] fashion_math as a group
  • Picture posts -- for the poster to discuss how they created an outfit to share ideas and inspiration, or for the poster to solicit ideas on how to use an item.
  • Skill share -- to ask how to mend, seek tutorials on sewing/knitting/et cetera.
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